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Leuven - WeatherUnderground - History tables v1 - Demo

At  Leuven-Template & scripts   you find the download link for this script in the dropdown menu.
The links to all other Leuven Scripts Demo's are located in the menu area.

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Leuven - WeatherUnderground - History tables v1 - Demo

This script only needs a few settings to be checked. They are at the start of the script.

  • Your WeatherUnderground station-name and start-date of your uploads
  • The units you want to use for temp, hum a.s.o.
  • The date-format you want to use
  • And if you want the enclosing html to be generated or that you will use your own page-setup for that.

The download contains tranlation files for English, Dutch, French and German. Other languages can be added using standard language files.

Equipamento que usamos:

Estação Meteorológica
Weatherwise ws-1080

Dericam H502W

Digital Ocean

Weatherwise ws-1080

Dericam H502W

Digital Ocean